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John and Natasha Deane Foundation

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Finding and Forging Socially Beneficial Innovations for Tennessee Communities.

  • Participation

    Enhance community and improve lives through strong civic engagement

  • Innovation

    Micro-grant programs that encourage replication throughout Tennessee

  • Mobilization

    To further engage participation and innovation

Areas of Focus

  • voting

    Civic Engagement

    Tennessee ranks 50th in voter turnout and 40th in voter registration among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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  • ruralcommunities

    Rural Community Development

    In approximately 70 counties, at least 50% of the population resides on land designated as rural.

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  • health

    Health & Wellness

    A key focus for the Deane Foundation is to expand access to healthcare for all residents of the state and ensure our citizens are receiving care that contributes to a healthy life regardless of socioeconomic status.

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  • Mature niece hugging senior aunt before outdoor dinner party with family

    Social Justice

    The Deane Foundation will work to address social inequity with the hope of restoring equal opportunity for all Tennesseans.

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Meet Our Founders

The Deane Foundation was founded by John and Natasha Deane in 2017 and is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Following successful careers in healthcare consulting and cancer research, respectively, John and Natasha retired from their professional endeavors with the desire to pivot to service and with the intention to be more engaged in their local communities.

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