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Advancing Socially Beneficial Innovations: Board Connector

“Board Connector is a platform where diverse talent (women and ethnic minorities) interested in serving on a nonprofit organization’s board of directors can sign up for future director opportunities. Non-profits with a goal of having a more inclusive board can access a pool of candidates that can help those non-profits accomplish this goal.”

— Wade Hinton, Founder


Natasha, Brittany and I were visiting Chattanooga this week as a part of our Tennessee statewide listening tour and stumbled upon a socially beneficial innovation led by Wade Hinton, Esq., Chattanooga City Attorney.

In April 2017, Mr. Hinton launched Board Connector in Chattanooga after recognizing that most area non-profit boards did not accurately reflect the diversity of the community. Board Connector is an online tool that connects qualified and willing women and people of color with potential board of director leadership opportunities. In addition, Board Connector provides education on best practices and principles of being a board member in an effort to develop effective candidates for non-profit board service.

While initially focused on Chattanooga, Mr. Hinton is planning to expand the program in cities throughout the United States.


Published on June 5, 2018 5:19pm

John Deane

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John Deane

Born in Baltimore in 1961, John attended American University. For 32 years, John led a successful career as a senior healthcare executive. In 1998 John founded Southwind Health Partners, a start-up healthcare business focused on providing management services for hospital and health system sponsored physician practices out of his home in Nashville and over 20 years grew the business into one of the nation’s pre-eminent healthcare consulting practices. Following the acquisition of Southwind by Advisory Board John led the development of an expansive, full-service consulting and management division serving over 250 health system clients in 50 states with approximately 400 consultants and staff.

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