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Deane Foundation partners with BriteHeart to host civic engagement events in Tennessee

The Deane Foundation and BriteHeart are teaming up to host multiple #GetCivic events in and around Nashville this fall aimed at engaging the central Tennessee community in fun, friend-making events and getting everyone fired up to vote in November.

These events will include not only voter registration drives, but also community mural painting, great local music concerts, and lots of opportunities to get involved with our central Tennessee community.

#GetCivic Events Calendar

It’s easy to forget sometimes what a huge impact voting can make on the future of our country and our communities. These events are meant to remind people how important voting is and how fun it can be to get involved in your community.

The Deane Foundation is committed to increasing voter turnout and civic engagement in Tennessee. Tennessee has consistently experienced very low voter turnout, but by reaching out to our communities and increasing civic engagement and voter registration, we aim to change that this November.

Published on September 5, 2018 2:54pm

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